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Midas XL200

2.000 DKK

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Varenr.: midasxl200
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Midas XL200

Midas XL200

En fantastisk festival FOH mixerpult, let at overskue, utrolig hurtige at bruge og med den verdensberømte Midas lyd. 

Pulten er med 40 mono kanaler og 5 stereo kanaler, 50 inputs total. 

When designing this desk, Midas' goal for the XL22 was to develop a mid priced mixing console that maintained the outstanding sound quality and sonic performance of Midas Mixing Consoles. It is safe to say that their goals were more than just achieved! The added benefit of efficient, ergonomic and tactile control features provide you with an outstanding professional console that brings the much sought after Midas dream within your reach.

Mic Inputs.

The XL200 features a state of the art Analogue Devices mic amplifier which assures low distortion and excellent amplifier stability, RF rejection and noise performance.

Line inputs.

A separate Hi Z line input is incorporated which is ideal for playback of recorded material.

Direct Outputs.

Every input module is fitted with a direct output as standard making multi-track recording a simple task.


The sonic performance of the legendary Midas equaliser is maintained including parametric mid's with sweepable frequency and switched 'Q'. The treble and bass sections have the traditional Midas wide frequency range shelving characteristic.


Each channel has a half normalised fully balanced insert send and return point which can be switched in or out from the front panel and set as either pre or post equaliser.

Input metering.

These peak reading meters cover a 30dB range in 3dB steps and monitor pre fader signals.

Audio busses.

Each channel can be routed to any combination of 21 audio busses comprising of 8 aux's, 6 mono groups, 2 stereo groups 2 stereo masters and 1 mono master. All switchable on the module front panel.

VCA and mute busses.

Each channel can be controlled by any combination of the 8 VCA master faders and 8 mute masters. Assignment of these busses is again switchable on the module front panel. Mutes may also be controlled by the optional automation system. A safe switch disconnects the channel from all mute groups.

Audio groups.

The main audio groups may also be assigned to any of the 8 automute groups. A safe switch is again included for each group. The input for the groups is derived from the 10 group busses.


The master module provides the main left, right and mono console outputs. A solo to master facility is incorporated on the left and right outputs to aid the engineer at sound checks.


The 8 matrix outputs are a part of the group modules, and derive their signals from the 6 mono audio groups, 2 stereo groups, left and right masters and mono master, creating a 13 x 8 matrix.

Output meters.

32 peak reading led bargraph meters (each covering a 60dB range in 3dB steps) are used to monitor all the group outputs i.e. 6 mono groups, 2 stereo groups, 8 matrix, and 8 auxiliary. 3 VU meters are used for the left, right, and mono outputs. They also automatically monitor the left, right, and mono solo functions.




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