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d&b Q7. NL4

375 DKK

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d&b Q7. NL4

Q7 loudspeaker

The Q7 is a 75° x 40° passive 2-way loudspeaker housing two 10" LF drivers and a 1.3" HF compression driver with a rotatable constant directivity horn and a passive crossover network. The two 10" neodymium LF drivers are positioned in a dipolar arrangement providing exceptional vertical dispersion control with the nominal angle being maintained down to 400 Hz. The Q7 with the horn rotated is used to mount the loudspeaker horizontally where space is limited, or the maximum horizontal pattern control is needed and when added to the bottom of Q1 arrays. The Q7 can be used as a stand-alone full range system, in combinations with other Q-Series cabinets ground stacked, or mounted on a high stand with a swivel bracket. They can also be combined in flown array systems. The Q7 cabinet is constructed from marine plywood and has an impact resistant paint finish. The front of the loudspeaker cabinet is protected by a rigid metal grill, covered with a replaceable acoustically transparent foam. The cabinet incorporates a pair of handles and mounted on the rear panel are two EP5 or NL4 connectors wired in parallel.


The Q7 can be driven either by the d&b D6 or D12 dual channel power amplifiers configured for the Q7. More detailed information on specific loudspeaker setups with d&b amplifiers is available either in the relevant loudspeaker or amplifier manuals.


Live music x
Playback x
Speech x
Stage monitor  


Components 2 x 10" driver / 1.3" compression driver
Max. sound pressure (1m, free field) with D6 / D12 134 / 138 dB SPL
Power handling capacity (RMS / peak 10 ms) 400 / 1600 W
Frequency response (-5 dB) 60 / 100 Hz - 17 kHz
Nominal dispersion angle (h x v) 75° x 40° CD
Cabinets per channel D6 / D12 2 / 2
Dimensions mm (H x W x D) 580 x 308 x 410
Weight kg 22
Dimensions inch (H x W x D) 22.8 x 12.1 x 16.1
Weight lb 49


Application information is presented for guidance only. We reserve the right to make any necessary changes to the products and the published specification. As part of our ongoing product development program we try, where possible, to maintain the highest degree of product compatibility.


  recommended use
CD loudspeaker with constant directivity horn
  with subwoofer
  SPL max peak test signal: pink noise with crest factor 4
  standard/CUT mode
  ≥ 400 Hz in dipolar direction
  horn 90° rotatable
  in applications with low continuous levels or low ambient temperatures up to three loudspeakers per channel D12 may be connected

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