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Radial Stage directe. DI w. mute.

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Radial Stage directe. DI w. mute.

  • Active DI with footswitch mute & tuner outSilently switch instruments on stage without noiseEliminates feedback when instrument is not in useRemote control lets stage tech perform switching
  • Apart from Radial's legendary build quality and roadworthiness, the Radial StageDirect provides dead silent output and a strong signal to snakes or mixing console inputs
  • As with most DIs, the StageDirect is equipped with a hi-Z input for the instrument, a thru-put for the stage amplifier and a balanced low-Z output for the PA system
  • The 'extra' comes by way of a dedicated tuner output and footswitch that mutes the signal going to the PA and stage amplifier while leaving the tuner output active
  • This enables the artist to mute the guitar when not in use or quietly tune in between songs

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