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Bas Arm On Tour
18/03 2019 kl. 14:03
I weekenden tog vi hul på Bas Arm On Tour i Ridehuset, ...
2 x elever på skole
11/03 2019 kl. 11:38
Både Oliver og Andreas er på skole lige nu: Andreas ...
Her går det godt! Solen skinner: Vi undlader at tænke ...

d&b E-pac

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d&b E-pac

The E-PAC Power amplifier controller is a single channel amplifier with an internal controller for operating the d&b fullrange systems (passive systems) loudspeakers.
The controller incorporated in the E-PAC is based on a Digital Signal Processor, DSP, utilising sigma-delta signal conversion.
All operational states of the E-PAC as well as the pre- programmed system settings and configurations for the d&b loudspeakers systems are controlled with a front panel digital rotary encoder in conjunction with the Liquid Crystal Display (LCD).

The E-PAC has an additional linear configuration.

The E-PAC is specifically designed for high impedance loads (200 W into 16 ohms, 300 W into 8 ohms).
If low impedance (LO IMP) mode is selected the E-PAC can drive up to two 8 ohm or four 16 ohm loudspeakers, at reduced output (6 dB). This is useful for situations such as front fill or under balcony use where multiple loudspeakers are needed but maximum output is not required.
All the functions of the E-PAC, including programmable internal delay settings, can be remotely interrogated and altered via the RIB, Remote Interface Bridge and a PC.


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